coral protocol 
 brings peace of mind 
 to blockchain transactions 
coral reef

an AML solution where traditional KYC falls short
Coral Protocol provides data and analytics on blockchain addresses to increase compliance and combat fraud.

coral reef

fraud is the most expensive problem in blockchain

$9M in crypto is stolen every day

source: $9 Million a Day is Lost in Cryptocurrency Scams,, July 2018

$6B in crypto will be laundered in 2018, growing 6x per year

source: Will crypto help the money-launderers of the future?, The Economist, July 2018

crypto companies are being fined hundreds of millions of dollars for poor AML practices, and regulatory pressure is increasing

source: $110 Million: BTC-e Fined as US Vows Crackdown on Bitcoin Exchanges, Coindesk

coral is building a future where humans and machines transact safely on blockchain

coral reef

how coral works

Coral Protocol masternodes gathering data

Trust Scores are actionable snapshots of the trustworthiness of any blockchain wallet address based on its behavior

Coral Protocol masternodes graphing blockchain transactions

Fraud Alerts are real-time notifications of changes in trust scores due to illicit activity in monitored wallets

Trust score contents

Coral's trust graph continuously tracks the actions of every wallet address on every blockchain to keep scores and alerts current

fraud alerts sent to relevant platforms

Coral's API integrates into the on and off ramps of blockchain platforms to prevent fraud and theft while increasing AML compliance with regulators

coral reef
coral reef

the latest in coral news

the latest in Coral news

Welcome to the Reef, Alex Mashinsky!

November 8, 2018 / Coral Protocol is thrilled to announce that Alex Mashinsky will be joining our advisory board! Read more on Medium >>>

Welcome to the Reef, Matt McGraw!

Sep 21, 2018 / Coral Protocol is thrilled to welcome Matt McGraw to our advisory board and cap table. Read more on Medium >>>

Big Growth Updates at Coral Protocol!

Sep 18, 2018 / We launched our Alpha customer program and are integrating with well-known wallets, exchanges and crypto commerce companies. Overall, a super successful month of growth and accomplishment for Coral. Thank you! Read more on Medium >>>

Announcing Coral Protocol’s Alpha Launch

Aug 28, 2018 / Coral is excited to announce that after months of heads-down hardcore product production and partnership development, we have launched the Alpha version of our protocol, and are actively integrating with a lucky, closed group of partners. Read more on Medium >>>